The Port of Missing Men
by Meredith Nicholson

Table of Contents

    The Shining Road

  1. "Events, Events"
  2. The Claibornes, Of Washington
  3. Dark Tidings
  4. John Armitage A Prisoner
  5. A Lost Cigarette Case
  6. Toward The Western Stars
  7. On The Dark Deck
  8. "The King Is Dead; Long Live The King"
  9. "This Is America, Mr. Armitage"
  10. John Armitage Is Shadowed
  11. The Toss Of A Napkin
  12. A Camp In The Mountains
  13. The Lady Of The Pergola
  14. An Enforced Interview
  15. Shirley Learns A Secret
  16. Narrow Margins
  17. A Gentleman In Hiding
  18. An Exchange Of Messages
  19. Captain Claiborne On Duty
  20. The First Ride Together
  21. The Comedy Of A Sheepfold
  22. The Prisoner At The Bungalow
  23. The Verge Of Morning
  24. The Attack In The Road
  25. The Port Of Missing Men
  26. "Who Are You, John Armitage?"
  27. Decent Burial
  28. John Armitage