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On the Face of the Waters
A Tale of the Mutiny
by Flora Annie Steel
BOOK I: Thistledown and Gossamer
1.   Going! Going! Gone!
2.   Home, Sweet Home
3.   The Great Gulf Fixed
4.   Tape and Sealing-Wax
5.   Bravo!
6.   The Gift of Many Faces
BOOK II: The Blowing of the Bubble
1.   In the Palace
2.   In the City
3.   On the Ridge
4.   In the Village
5.   In the Residency
6.   The Yellow Fakir
7.   The Word Went Forth
BOOK III: From Dusk to Dawn
1.   Night
2.   Dawn
3.   Daylight
4.   Noon
5.   Sunset
6.   Dusk
BOOK IV: "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of."
1.   The Death-Pledga
2.   Peace! Peace!
3.   The Challenge
4.   Bugles and Files
5.   The Drum Ecclesiastic
6.   Vox Humana
BOOK V: "There Arose a Man."
1.   Forward!
2.   Bits, Bridles, Spurs
3.   The Beginning of the End
4.   At Last
5.   Through the Walls
6.   Rewards an Punishments
5.   Appendix A
6.   Appendix B